Puppy Peaks teaches through observation; it's a series of weekly videos (online!) that shows you how world champion dog trainer, Susan Garrett, has trained her puppy, Swagger, to be an agility superstar and amazing family pet.  Interested in registering for Puppy Peaks? Sign up for the update list below and we'll let you know when the program opens for registrations!


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Puppy Peaks is a “sneak peek” into Susan’s training of her puppy, Swagger. Just like any puppy, Swagger gives Susan lots of training challenges, joy and blossoms into a great pet dog as well as a awesome agility dog! Susan documents her journey with short videos. Each and every challenge and “peak” as they happen, so you can get a glimpse of how she trains Swagger every step of the way. 




Puppy Peaks will help you learn how to inject a shot of “joy” into your training with a dog of any age! Puppy Peaks is interactive; members watch Susan train Swagger from the time he was 4 weeks old. Learning how Susan Garrett organizes herself, her training and then watch how sheactually executes her training all the way up to the trialing stages with Swagger!  

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